Edgebound is an abstract game-like experience about getting in touch with the psyche. It consists of different worlds, each one representing a different state of mind and thus having its own distinct visual theme. Common aspect among the worlds is that all of them are composed of geometric platforms that produce chaotic formations. The game uses platforming elements and fast-paced gameplay indicating the mind's ability to quickly make connections between various experiences, but also its determination when it's on a given path. The players assume the role of the inner-self and by rushing through memory, thought and emotion fragments, they explore the unpredictable nature and vagueness of thoughts, as well as the trait of the mind to shift states spontaneously.

Keyboard + Mouse
WASD - move
Space - jump
Mouse - aim

Controller (experimental support, proper one in the future):
Left stick - move
Right stick - aim
Other buttons and triggers - jump


Windows.zip 81 MB


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Really cool game, haven't played like this game since a lot of time, enjoyed it a lot. The movement takes a bit time to get used to it, but once you know you can even speedrun levels, so this game is also can count as speedrun game :)

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This game is such a visual treat, I can't even begin to express how beautiful it is. Its mind-bending in a good way :D. The second world blew me away the most. 

The transition between worlds is great and so is the re-spawn mechanism. It's subtle, clever and slightly satisfactory. The calm and serene music matches the game perfectly.  

Although some times i did feel that my jumps should be making it, but thats probably just me not being a good gamer.

Honestly great game!!

Great game! The first jump took me over 10 attempts, but once you get it, the rest are easier. Consider tweaking it so it doesn0t need to be that precise. Also, it's a bit weird that you can't turn the view 360º.

Incredible aesthetics, btw!

the graphics are amazing but i'm not able to wall run

Thanks, glad that you like the art! :) The way wall run works is you just press space when you're right next to a wall...but you kinda have to be high enough so that your feet are still in the wall area (you know, to be able to run on it, after all :P ).

Thanks for the feedback! Several people already reported wall running to be a bit too hard or just not how they expect it to work. We'll look into it post-jam. :)


ok cool

I have no idea what to do but it looks appealing.

Just jump around and enjoy! <3 :)

Please provide the input controls

Done. Thanks for reminding us. :)